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Welcome to's Cellular Phones, the home of money saving cellular phone plans's Cellular Phones has strategically aligned themselves with member organizations and clubs throughout the United States. The primary goal is to offer the members of these quality organizations discounted pricing on cellular phone services. The product development team at's Cellular Phones has been involved in the cellular phone industry since its inception. It is that experience that has allowed us to put together such a tremendous offering. We take great pride in developing quality products that help consumers save money and more importantly offer plans that fit their cellular needs. The target audience that benefits most from's Cellular Phones products and services are those folks that depend on the benefits and security a cell phone provides but certainly are not using it every minute of every day. In other words they were not born with a cell phone in their ear. Over the years many cell phone users have expressed to us that they are tired of paying too much for their current cell phone service. Not only are they paying too much, they are often paying for included minutes and features that they never use. Well, we heard you loud and clear, and we are happy to offer you an alternative that provides tremendous savings and great service on the world's most powerful network. We know you expect savings, security and quality service and that is exactly what you will receive. Monthly rates begin at $11.75 per month and never come with long term contracts. You are totally in control of your plan, you select the calling, text and data plans that best fit your needs on your terms. The plans are simple, practical and affordable.

How do you offer low rate plans with no contracts?

By leveraging the buying power of our member organizations we are able to purchase cellular minutes at lower rates. These minutes are then packaged into plans to meet our target audience's needs. The best part is your cellular service will operate on the world's most powerful network at a fraction of the cost. We don't have you sign contracts and hold folks hostage, we want to earn your loyalty. Every day we will be working to exceed your expectations and if for some reason you are not happy, we want to know about it, it's that simple.

But how do you offer such low rates?

Besides, passing along volume discounts we pass along the savings from our billing process. All monthly bills are sent via email and if desired the bill can be printed at home. You can also check your usage and bills here. The amount due each month is automatically charged to your credit or debit card. We keep it simple.

Voice Plans

Voice plans start at $11.75 per month. All voice plans include voice mail, call forwarding and three way calling at no additional charge. Overage minutes are charged at a rate of .20 per minute. Information or 411 is provided by a live operator and is additional at $1.29 per minute, which is a 30% savings when compared to most other carriers. Your plans are flexible and can be changed at the end of any billing cycle to a higher or lower plan. For example; maybe you do not need many minutes during the summer, but in the winter you go away and do not have access to a home phone, simply change your plan to fit your needs. When you return change it back at no charge. We are practical.

Text & Picture Messaging

If you text we have plans that start at only $1.00 per month. You pick the plan and add it to your voice plan for a custom built cellular plan that fits your needs. Maybe you want to send a child or grandchild a text to say hello every now and again, or maybe you want to text every day, we have a plan that will fit your needs. With Text/Picture messaging plans you can also take pictures with your camera phone and forward to others for viewing. We are affordable.

Data Plans

Some of our phones allow you to browse the internet or get your emails. Data plans start at $1.00 per month. Data plans are perfect for those that always need to be in touch with the web. Plans will vary based upon your expected usage.

Certified Green Phones

Our certified green phones take the environment into consideration. Each year millions of phones are discarded with perfectly functioning boards, chips and plastics. We reuse these certified pieces and pass the savings along to you.